Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Novel Idea

I've been woefully absent from this blog lately, but with good reason.

I'm writing a novel.

In the "About Me" section of this blog, I mentioned writing songs at an early age. What I have not mentioned until now is that ever since I could read, I assumed I would write books.

I've started many novels in the past, only to abandon them a short time later after realizing that not only could I tell the story in three and a half minutes, it would also rhyme, and maybe you could even dance to it.

This time feels different. Even though I've got more abandoned songs than I do books, for me, there came a point in every song that I've ever completed when I knew what the song was about and how it would end. It then became a matter of details: how do I get from point A to point Z? I've never had that feeling in the many novels I've started, until now. I know what the book is about. The characters are as alive as I am. I know what they will and will not do, I know how they think and what they would say in any given situation.

That's a lot more liberating than it actually sounds. Now I'm the typist. taking notes as the characters in my book live out their lives.

I'll take the occasional break from writing the book to update the blog, but the updates will continue to be sporadic. Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Oh and happy novel-ing. Have you decided on a style? You could do a rambling kind of prose a la Johnny Rotten or just make everything up like a million little peices but then you'd probably have to answer to The Oprah

will said...

No one wants to have to answer to The Oprah. We all fear The Oprah.