Friday, July 18, 2008

I Are A Professional

Our realtor is very, very good at her job. The house was on the market for less than two days before it sold. While the contract was pending, she went ahead with a planned "Open House" for the other real estate agents in the area, just in case the contract fell through.

What an eye opener. The real estate agents that attended our open house demonstrated why our particular agent is tops in her field:

No competition.

They left the garage door open (our garage is currently filled with antiques), the back gate open, all of the closet and several of the cabinet doors open, basically just trashed the house while we were away for a few days. Most of the comment cards read as if they were filled out by slow witted third graders (a real example: "Too much small").

What happened to us? It used to be that most people took pride in their work and tried to do a good job. Now, all you have to be is adequate (not talking about our realtor, she was great) and you stand head and shoulders above most of your competition. Everyone else seems to be out for the fast, easy buck.

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